Published On: Sat, Dec 16th, 2017

'A complete CAPITULATION' Peter Bone hits out at Chancellor's attempt to THWART Brexit

has said the UK will seek to replicate the status quo when Theresa May moves onto Phase 2 of her negotiations with the EU.

The Chancellor suggested the Government will accept EU proposals for a transition period, despite the calls of prominent backbenchers demanding a clean break from Brussels.

Mr Hammond said: “We won’t technically or legally be in the customs union or in the single market.

“But, we’re committed as a result of the agreement we’ve made this week to creating an environment which will effectively replicate the current status quo.”

Responding to the comments, Peter Bone exclusively told the Chancellor is “capitulating to everything the European Union has asked for”.

The Conservative MP for Wellingborough said: “I have seen reports of what the Chancellor has said, I’m not surprised because he seems to be capitulating to everything the European Union has asked for.

“I am not sure that is how you go into a negotiation.”

He also sparked fears that Remainers could be now winning their fight to keep Britain in the European Union, despite the expressed will of the British voters in the Brexit referendum in June 2016.

When asked whether he was concerned at the prospect of signing a Norwegian-style deal, Mr Bone said: “I’m more concerned we will never come out of this thing.

“The whole of what is being discussed at the moment seems to be extending and extending and extending our membership of the European Union, and the people who are doing that are the ones wanting to stay in.

“It’s extraordinary, it’s ignoring the democratic wishes of the nation which was taken in June 2016 – it’s an extraordinary state of affairs.”

Mr Bone was joined by other prominent Tory backbenchers when voicing their concern for the Chancellor’s comments.

The EU’s proposals for the implementation period was also criticised by Jacob Rees-Mogg.

He told Sky News: If the acquis, the ECJ and free movement remain we would not be in an implementation period but would still be de facto in the EU.

“I assume Her Majesty’s Government will make its own proposals and not roll over in the way it did at the beginning of the process.”

Former Brexit minister David Jones said agreed with Mr Bone, claiming it “looks awfully like a capitulation,” adding: “Our negotiating position needs to be agreed, not made up on the hoof.”

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