Published On: Sun, Mar 18th, 2018

Car ploughs into busy nightclub in Kent 'nearly killing' dozens of partygoers

Kent Police say it is believed that the driver had been asked to leave the venue following an altercation.

BBC Radio 1Xtra DJ Reece Parkinson posted footage from the scene on Twitter.

In a video he said: “My God I nearly died. I’m in this club and this car came through the f****** club, look.

“A guy who didn’t get let in drove in the club. Drove in the club. Look.”

Kent Fire and Rescue Service said they had been called to assist Kent Police at an incident on Queen Street.

A spokeswoman said: “We were called at 11.53pm to assist Kent Police at an RTC (road traffic collision) in Queen Street, Gravesend.

“Two fire engines attended. We left the scene at 12.50am.”


Witness Richii Bunger, 19, from Gillingham told The Daily Star that fellow partygoers claimed the driver rammed into the gate twice before the 4×4 ploughed into the club.

He added: “We saw smoke come into the club, but we thought it was a faulty smoke machine. Then we saw a guy bandaged up with blood pouring down from his neck, which is when we realised something was seriously going down. 

“My mate was hit on the side by the car and I saw some girl who got fully run over by it. Then the DJ stopped playing the music and fights started to break out as people were rushing to get out of the club. 

“Then I waited outside to make sure that all of my mates were safe and there were loads of police cars and ambulances outside.

It is believed the rapper Giggs was performing at the club.

One person tweeted: “Lots of emergency services at Blake’s where a vehicle has allegedly been driven into the nightclub.”

Onlookers are said to have tried to attack the culprit after emergency services arrived at the scene.

Online footage showed a grey Suzuki 4×4 with its number plate hanging off and a smashed windscreen.

One witness tweeted a Snapchat conversation which read: “Anyone get hurt?”

“Yeah ambulances and fire engines police there.”

There is no official confirmation how many people have been injured in the incident.


One witness told the Sun he was in the smoking area and saw the driver arguing with bouncers at the front of the club.

He said: “I saw all the security guards shouting.

“They were standing in front of the car to stop it moving but it reversed and really went for it.

“One guard got the door open and was trying to pull him out or stop the car but it kept coming towards us.

“Another security guard tried to jump out of the way but he went onto the bonnet and hit the windscreen.

“I knew he wasn’t going to stop so I just got my girlfriend and we ran out of there.”


One partygoer wrote on Facebook: “I was right in front of the gate, only saw 1 security guard get hit before running for safety hope no one else got hurt”

Another tweeted: “Never been so scared in my life. The car came inches from running me and my friends over”.

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