Published On: Mon, Nov 20th, 2017

Could French ‘hard-right alliance’ destroy Macron? Le Pen makes shock offer to Republicans

Her comments follow a series protests across the country at Mr Macron’s first few months in charge.

She called on Laurent Wauquiez, favourite to become leader of The Republicans, to join her to take on the president.

Mrs Le Pen told RTL radio said: “Laurent Wauquiez must stop being so ambiguous about the political line he intends to follow if he elected head of the Republicans and float the idea of a political alliance between our two parties.”

Mr Wauquiez, 42, a hard-right protégé of former president Nicolas Sarkozy whose tough stance on immigration and Eurosceptic views have earned him the support of French nationalists, is the favourite to win the party’s leadership contest in December.

Mrs Le Pen said: “I listen to Mr Wauquiez’s speeches and cannot help but think that – if he’s being honest – he needs to reach out and suggest we join forces.

“Because he cannot echo the Front National’s political views – views which are at times a lot more hardline than ours have ever been – and yet continue to treat us like pariahs.

“He needs to be coherent. He needs to show some common sense.”

The only thing The Republicans and the Front National disagree on, Mrs Le Pen added, is on how to pull France out of its economic rut. 

She said: “Our economic policies are at odd but I’m sure that we can find some common ground.”

When asked whether she would consider stepping down as head of the Front National, Mrs Le Pen said: “Of course.

The Front National is a democratic party, and I am not its undisputed leader.

“If I were to lose a leadership election I would hand over the reins of power calmly and without protest.”

The hard-right chief, however, added that she was the best person to lead the party.

She said: “My score in the second round of the French presidential election was a historic moment for the party and an all-time record high.

“Most members of the Front National see me as a unifying figure and agree that I’m the best person to lead the party to success.”

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