Published On: Sun, Apr 1st, 2018

'Countries NEED sovereign rights!' Hungarians BACK Brexit fight against EU intrusion

Hungarian residents admitted they backed Britain’s push to leave the Brussels bloc, with one claiming that the British voters had become fed up with Brussels taking over their country’s sovereignty. 

Speaking to Euronews, on the day marking a year to go until the UK leaves the EU, Hungarians revealed their view on Britain’s departure from the bloc. 

One resident said she “agreed” with the message of sovereignty that Brexit represented, claiming that Hungary and Britain shared a political bond in that sense.

She told the European broadcaster: “I agree with the politicians of this country. Hungary needs sovereign rights.

“The English shared this opinion, and that is why they decided to get out of the European Union.”

These supportive remarks follow the Hungarian government demanding that Brussels not “punish” Britain for voting to leave.

The Hungarian foreign minister Péter Szijjártó, who welcomed Boris Johnson during a visit to his country in early March, said that Brussels was to blame for Brexit.

He explained: “We need to highlight that this decision was Brussels’ failure.

“This current European Commission will go down in history books as the European Commission under whose mandate Europe’s second-strongest and the world’s fifth-strongest economy decided to leave the EU.

“Brexit is a huge problem from the EU’s perspective.”

Hungary’s own Prime Minister Viktor Orban has often become the centre of public feuds with Brussels for openly criticising the European integration agenda of the bloc.

Zoltan Kovács, Mr Orban’s spokesman, said that Hungary, unlike the EU’s Michel Barnier, does not fault Mrs May’s government for “cherry-picking” in the Brexit talks.

This break from the ranks of EU unity followed another warning from the spokesman that the EU member states hold the power in the negotiations – not bureaucrats in Brussels.

Also speaking to Euronews, a Gibraltarian living in Hungary was concerned that a potential breakdown in the talks between the EU and Britain would result in “inconvenient visas”.

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