Published On: Sat, Oct 21st, 2017

'Don't Touch My Hair' singer has hair touched

It should have been a massive clue.

One of Solange Knowles’ songs is called Don’t Touch My Hair.

So what did the London Evening Standard do when it featured Beyonce’s sister on the cover of its magazine?

It airbrushed her hair, which had been styled into an elaborate, braided configuration.

Solange Knowles
Image: Solange has been wearing an elaborate, braided hairstyle. Pic: Instragram

Unamused by the way she had been presented, Solange wrote on Instagram: “dtmh (don’t touch my hair) @eveningstandardmagazine.”

The journalist who interviewed Solange has also expressed her dismay.

“I am publicly disowning the Solange piece London Evening Standard published today. The entire piece was a fiasco despite my efforts,” Angelica Bastien tweeted.

“Which was heartbreaking given how much work I put into it and my interest in Solange as an artist.”

Solange Knowles
Image: Solange told the magazine: ‘dtmh (don’t touch my hair).’ Pic: Instagram

Adding further irony, Solange said in an interview last year that she believes “hair is incredibly spiritual, and, energetically, it really encompasses and expresses who we are”.

“My relationship with hair, being that I grew up literally in a hair salon, is very deep and very complex,” she explained.

ES magazine has apologised to Knowles, and said the photograph had been amended for layout purposes.

A statement said: “We were delighted to have the chance to interview the wonderful Solange Knowles and photograph her for this week’s edition of ES.

“It is therefore a matter of great regret that the finished cover artwork caused concern and offence.

“Plainly we made the wrong call and we have offered our unreserved apologies to Solange.”

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