Published On: Sat, May 12th, 2018

Eurovision 2018 stage invader: Man who spoiled UK SuRie’s song revealed as ‘ACTIVIST'

Dr ACactivism, also known as Dr. A.C., stormed onto the stage as Britain’s competitor SiRie was halfway through singing her song Storm.

The self-styled “philosopher and activist” snatched the microphone and compared the UK media to Nazis.

Security staff dragged him off the stage before he was taken into police custody, the European Broadcasting Union said.

The activist previously ran onto the stage during the 2018 National Television Awards and interrupted host Dermot O’Leary.

The presenter stopped him before he was able to reach the microphone.

He pulled a similar stunt on talent show The Voice in 2017.

According to his Twitter profile, Dr ACactivism lives in London.

He has penned a book which claims to expose “three corrupted and criminal institutions – the UK Politics, the UK Media and the UK Corporations”.

An estimated 200 million people have tuned in to watch tonight’s Eurovision, which is being hosted in Lisbon, Portugal.

SuRie carried on her performance after the stage invader was hauled off by security.

Presenter Graham Norton said: “There was a stage invasion, SuRie coped incredibly well.

“I can’t stress enough what a brilliant job she did – she must have been terrified.”

British artist SuRie was given the option to repeat her performance, but she opted against singing again.

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