Published On: Fri, Apr 14th, 2017

Russia plotting to use HONEY TRAPS to snare British and US soldiers at border, army warns

US commanders in Poland have confirmed they are preparing to counter the threat, after analysing British intelligence warning of Russian honey traps.

Soldiers have already complained of receiving suspicious messages on social media from women claiming they know colleagues. 

Moves will include restrictions when off duty in their new home, Orszysz, such as a two-beer limit and “limiting fraternisation with local women”.

It is thought the same warnings will apply to other Nato battle groups, including Estonia.

US Army Captain Alex Hendel, with Nato’s Battle Group Poland, said: “Hybrid war is a new threat.

“The British have been instructed not to get involved with local girls and we’re going through intelligence now.

“We highly discourage fraternisation because of the threat of paid informants.

“There will be people paid by the Kremlin to come and instigate things, so that Russia can expand upon it and make fake news out if it.  We’re very aware of that. We’re very well briefed to be careful.”

Unusually for a deployment, however, soldiers will be given weekends off. But they will be forced to venture in groups, carry a special ‘recall radio’ and appoint one designated non-drinker. 

Captain Hendel said: “Given the special circumstances, the reality is that we can’t force soldiers not to meet girls. We just tell them big boy rules – be responsible.”

Already soldiers have been receiving “strange friend requests” on their private social media sites.

PFC Gumba, 19, from San Francisco, California, said: “Recently, we had strange emails, as well as personal messages on our social media including Facebook.  

“It’s a real threat.

“I’ve received multiple requests over the last week. I guess it’s no coincidence that we were preparing to go to Poland.”

Specialist  Stalvey, 26, from Los  Angeles, California added: “They go through the regiment’s official website and pick if the names of soldiers who have liked posts. They claim to already know your buddies but we always check. It’s just common sense.”

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