Published On: Sun, Oct 8th, 2017

'Stop yelling at Brussels' Emily Thornberry vows to reset British FRIENDSHIP with Juncker

Emily Thornberry has demanded the Conservative Government in Britain step down – or “at least try their best to avoid damaging our country during Brexit until we are elected”. 

The strong ally of Jeremy Corbyn also revealed what the EU wanted to discuss with Labour during their secret backchannel talks.

Speaking to Niall Paterson on Sky News, the shadow foreign secretary said that a Labour government would reset the relationship with the EU and put an end to political posturing. 

She insisted the key to Brexit talks was to view their counterparts in Brussels as friends.

The shadow cabinet minister said: “We have always had conversations with the EU ever since the Brexit vote. They understand what our position is. 

“Their biggest question is what the government policy is and we just don’t know.

“If the Tories can agree an interim period after Brexit, a Labour leadership can come in and sort it out. We can reset relationships.” 

Pressed on what a government under Jeremy Corbyn would do differently in Brexit, Mrs Thornberry said: “We would say this is what we need to deliver for the British people – changes on migration and so on. 

“Let’s not yell at each other, let’s put an end to the posturing. Let’s talk as friends.”

Reaction on social media largely derided the shadow foreign secretary: “Thornberry has her head in the clouds if she thinks talking as friends with the EU is going to change anything.”

News broke this week that EU negotiators have stepped up backroom Brexit talks with Labour amid concerns over Theresa May’s future.

The Prime Minister has faced repeated calls to resign since losing the Conservative majority in June.

That uncertainty has seen EU negotiators “significantly” increase the amount of talks held with Labour since the election.

The discussions have marked “a significant change in tone” towards Labour.

Brussels is seeking assurances from Jeremy Corbyn that he would honour agreements made with the Conservatives if he comes to power.

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