Prosthetic Fingers for Amputees
Prosthetic Fingers for Amputees

A New Era of Mobility: Breakthrough Prosthetic Fingers for Amputees

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In a heartwarming tale of innovation and compassion, Nebraska resident Adam Cutshall recently received a life-changing 3D-printed finger replacement, marking a significant breakthrough in the field of prosthetics. The incident occurred twenty years after Cutshall tragically amputated his pinky due to a mishap while using power tools under the influence. The exorbitant cost of traditional prosthetics had rendered Cutshall unable to afford one, leading him to share his story online in the hopes of finding help.


A Lifesaving Act of Kindness

In an inspiring turn of events, New York City-based artist, photographer, and IT engineer, Paul Hodara, came to Cutshall’s rescue, customizing a 3D-printed prosthetic finger free of charge. Hodara’s act of kindness not only restored Cutshall’s confidence but also highlighted the transformative potential of cutting-edge prosthetic technology.


A Cry for Independence

Cutshall’s story resonates with many across the nation, where up to 45,000 finger amputations occur each year due to various causes such as accidents, medical conditions, workplace incidents, birth defects, and traumatic injuries. The pressing need to restore independence and provide a comprehensive solution for amputees prompted the birth of a revolutionary company – Point Designs.


Point Designs: Pioneering the Way Forward

Point Designs, a pioneering prosthetics company, is leveraging innovative technology to empower amputees and revolutionize the healthcare industry. The brainchild of Professors Richard Weir and Jacob Segil, researchers at the Biomechatronics Development Laboratory at the University of Colorado, the company brings decades of experience in neural interfaces, myoelectric control algorithms, and upper limb prosthetic design.


Merging Clinical Care and 3D Printing

At Point Designs, clinical care blends seamlessly with cutting-edge additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, to provide hope and assistance to individuals who have faced medical denials for missing fingers or hands. Co-founders Dr. Levin Sliker and Stephen Huddle are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of partial hand prosthetic design, ensuring strength, durability, and functionality remain at the forefront of their innovative approach.


A Message from Dr. Levin Sliker, Point Designs CEO

“Point Designs is a company dedicated to producing innovative, durable, and reliable prosthetic solutions for people with partial hand limb difference. In collaboration with certified prosthetists & orthotists (CPOs), Point Designs produces unique prosthetic devices for each individual. Our primary goal is to empower those with partial hand amputation to live their lives to the fullest. We’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of people in our community.”


Cutting-Edge Prosthetic Models

Point Designs offers an impressive array of six different prosthetic models, catering to various types of finger amputations. From the Point Pivot+ for thumb amputations to the Point Endo, designed for integration with a cosmetic cover, each model showcases the company’s dedication to delivering strength, durability, and personalized functionality.


A Brighter Future for Amputees

The prosthetic fingers developed by Point Designs are designed to last two to three years, constructed with custom-rolled silicone and 3D-printed nylon, with titanium prosthetic fingers securely mounted on top. The company offers over 30 silicone colors and different suspension materials to ensure comfort and a personalized experience for each individual.



The story of Adam Cutshall’s life-changing experience and the revolutionary efforts of Point Designs showcase the transformative potential of modern prosthetic technology. As the company pioneers the way forward with cutting-edge 3D printing and personalized solutions, the lives of countless amputees are being empowered to reclaim their independence and embrace life to the fullest.


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