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Delhi In Danger? Yamuna River’s Water Level Increasing Again

Yamuna River's Water Level Increasing Again

Yamuna River's Water Level Increasing Again

The water level of the Yamuna River, which had been rising consistently over the past four days. For the last three hours, there was no increase in the water level. At 1 pm and 2 pm on Thursday, the water level of Yamuna measured 208.62 meters. Everyone is worried that Delhi is in danger due to increasing the water level of the river.

Kashmere Gate Bus Terminal Inundated; Bus Services Suspended

The largest bus terminal in the national capital, Kashmere Gate Bus Terminal, has been flooded, leading to the suspension of bus services.

Water Treatment Plants Shut Down due to Rising Yamuna Water Level

As a result of the rising water level in the Yamuna River, several water treatment plants had to be temporarily closed. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal inspected the Wazirabad water treatment plant and stated that it would resume operations once the situation normalizes.

Evacuation Efforts and Relief Camps

On Wednesday, a total of 16,500 people were evacuated from six districts, with 2,500 individuals being taken to relief camps.

Kejriwal Urges Central Government to Intervene

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has appealed to the Central government to take immediate action and prevent the release of water from the Hathini Kund Barrage in Haryana.

Flood In India

NDRF Teams Deployed for Relief Operations

To address the flood situation caused by the rising water level of the, at least 16 teams from the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) have been deployed for relief operations.

Congress Leader Criticizes Kejriwal for Flood Crisis

Congress leader Supriya Shrinate has criticized Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, attributing the flood situation in the national capital to a man-made crisis. Shrinate emphasized issues such as unclean drains and encroachment on water bodies and land, questioning Kejriwal’s ability to fulfill his promise of making Delhi a land of lakes.

Emergency Meeting Chaired by Delhi Lieutenant Governor

Delhi Lieutenant Governor Vinay Kumar Saxena convened an emergency meeting of the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA). The meeting was attended by Chief Minister Kejriwal, Water, Irrigation and Flood Control Minister Atishi, Delhi Chief Secretary, and other high-ranking officials of the Delhi government.

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