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The Surprising Tale of Pokemon Go Player’s Negative Survey and Rare Encounters

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

In the dynamic world of Pokemon Go, players often share their opinions, both positive and negative, about the immensely popular mobile game. Recently, an intriguing story surfaced, where a Pokemon Go player claimed to have submitted a negative survey to Niantic, the game’s developer, and experienced an astonishing turn of events shortly after.


Controversies and Grievances

Over the past few weeks, Pokemon Go has been embroiled in several controversies, ranging from reduced wild spawn radiuses due to an inadvertent bug fix to a somewhat complex rollout of the Routes feature. Amidst these developments, one dedicated trainer, known as ‘EvilRooster5377’, decided to express their grievances about the mobile game through an in-game survey.


The Surprising Outcome

After submitting the negative survey to Niantic, EvilRooster5377 claimed to have received a series of remarkable Pokemon encounters, including an encounter with a Legendary Bird.


The Evidence Unveiled

In a post on the Pokemon Go subreddit, EvilRooster5377 provided a detailed account of their experience, accompanied by screenshots of the reported Pokemon encounters. Noteworthy captures included Shiny versions of Growlithe and Zigzagoon, highly coveted by players, and a Legendary Galarian version of Zapdos.


Humorous Envy and Curiosity

As word spread about this captivating tale, some players humorously expressed their desire to receive a similar survey, hoping to experience the same good fortune in the game. The Pokemon Go community playfully joined the conversation, with some aspiring to encounter elusive creatures like Galarian Zapdos, despite its notorious flee rate.


Adventure Week 2023: The Exciting Prospects

While the chance of replicating EvilRooster5377’s incredible encounters may not be guaranteed for every Pokemon Go player, Niantic has exciting plans for the community during Adventure Week 2023. Trainers can look forward to the opportunity to obtain Mega Tyranitar and encounter several rare Fossil Pokemon, promising thrilling adventures and unique encounters.


The Mysterious Influence of the Negative Survey

Whether or not the negative survey truly influenced the incredible encounters for EvilRooster5377 remains a mystery. Nevertheless, this tale serves as a reminder of the unpredictable and thrilling nature of the Pokemon Go universe. As the community eagerly awaits more updates and events, trainers across the world continue to embark on their virtual journeys, seeking new Pokemon and unforgettable experiences.



As the stories and adventures within Pokemon Go unfold, players are reminded of the ever-present element of surprise and luck in the game. Niantic continues to engage its dedicated player base with exciting events and encounters, making each day in the Pokemon Go world an enthralling experience. So, stay tuned for further coverage of Adventure Week and other thrilling Pokemon Go-related stories, as the virtual world of Pokemon continues to captivate trainers worldwide. Who knows what surprises Niantic has in store for its ardent fans next!

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