Anmol Gupta as First-Ever Chief Fitness Officer
Anmol Gupta as First-Ever Chief Fitness Officer

Zomato Appoints Anmol Gupta as First-Ever Chief Fitness Officer (CFO) to Prioritize Employee Health and Wellness

Zomato, the renowned foodtech giant, is taking a revolutionary step towards enhancing employee well-being with the appointment of its first-ever Chief Fitness Officer (CFO), Mr. Anmol Gupta. In line with its commitment to fostering a healthy and fulfilling professional environment, Zomato’s CEO, Mr. Deepinder Goyal, announced this exciting addition to the company’s senior team.

As Chief Fitness Officer, Anmol Gupta will play a pivotal role in collaborating with Zomato employees, including delivery executives and restaurant partners, to monitor their nutritive habits and prioritize physical and mental health. In a recent blog post, CEO Deepinder Goyal highlighted the importance of physical health in boosting individual performance and overall well-being.

Mr. Goyal stated, “Great work is an outcome of good health; good health is not secondary to great work.” Underlining Zomato’s commitment to employee well-being, he shared the company’s initiatives, including providing a gym at their Gurugram headquarters, an in-house team of mental health experts, and a generous leave policy.

In addition to appointing a Chief Fitness Officer, Zomato is introducing a comprehensive range of well-being programs for its employees. A team of trainers, nutritionists, and well-being counselors will be available to guide employees on customized meal plans, track macro and micro nutrient intake, and facilitate weight and strength training, yoga, boxing, and more, tailored to both beginners and pro levels.

CEO Deepinder Goyal also shared his personal fitness journey, which saw him reduce 15 kilograms, emphasizing the importance of consistency in achieving fitness goals. He expressed his dedication to investing wholeheartedly in the well-being of Zomato’s employees, delivery partners, and restaurant partners.

In his own announcement on LinkedIn, Mr. Anmol Gupta expressed his enthusiasm in “making Zomato fitter.” With a background in financial analysis and a career switch to fitness, Mr. Gupta brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to the role. Having co-founded Endure, a platform that incentivizes users to achieve fitness goals, he is well-equipped to drive Zomato’s fitness initiatives forward.

Mr. Gupta’s appointment as Chief Fitness Officer marks a significant milestone in Zomato’s journey towards transforming the way people perceive work and creating a healthier, more fulfilling work environment.

Zomato’s mission to enhance employee well-being underlines the company’s commitment to its core values, and with the visionary leadership of Anmol Gupta as CFO, Zomato aims to inspire a culture of health and happiness in the workplace.


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