Elon Musk Plans to Livestream Cage Fight With Mark Zuckerberg on X
Elon Musk Plans to Livestream Cage Fight With Mark Zuckerberg on X

Elon Musk Plans to Livestream Cage Fight With Mark Zuckerberg on X

Elon Musk, has recently announced his intention to engage in a highly anticipated cage fight with Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. Musk took to the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, to share the exciting news with his followers.

The rivalry between the social media moguls has been brewing since June, with both individuals playfully challenging each other to a mixed martial arts showdown in Las Vegas. Now, Elon Musk has taken it a step further, revealing that the epic battle will be live-streamed on X for the world to witness.

“Zuck v Musk fight will be live-streamed on X. All proceeds will go to charity for veterans,” Musk announced in an early morning post on Sunday, leaving fans eager for more details about the highly anticipated event.

In a series of engaging posts on X, Musk shared glimpses of his preparations for the impending cage fight. “Lifting weights throughout the day, preparing for the fight,” he stated, showcasing his determination to give his best in the ring. Remarkably, Musk even mentioned that he takes his workouts to the office, demonstrating his relentless commitment to training.

When questioned about the purpose of the fight, Musk responded with a thought-provoking insight, stating, “It’s a civilized form of war. Men love war.” While the comment may raise eyebrows, it highlights the spirited nature of this friendly challenge between two influential figures.

Meta, the company led by Mark Zuckerberg, has yet to respond to Musk’s recent announcement on X. The anticipation and excitement surrounding this event continue to grow, leaving fans and spectators eagerly awaiting further details.

The saga of this much-anticipated cage match began on June 20, when Elon Musk initially expressed his interest in facing off against Zuckerberg. The latter, who boasts jiujitsu training, responded enthusiastically, asking Musk to “send location” for the proposed bout. Musk promptly suggested Las Vegas Octagon, a renowned venue for mixed martial arts championship bouts, setting the stage for what promises to be an electrifying confrontation.

As the two tech giants prepare to step into the cage, their lighthearted banter has evolved into a captivating spectacle, drawing attention from across the globe. Musk’s latest announcement about the live-streamed fight on X has heightened the anticipation and piqued curiosity among fans and the media alike.

The exact date and details of the cage match are yet to be revealed, but one thing is certain – when Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg step into the ring, the world will be watching.


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